Shur Trackr Frequently Asked Questions


How many URL’s can I shorten if I choose to try the Bronze Plan (free)?
A: With the Bronze Plan, you can shorten and cloak up to 5 URL’s.
Q: How many URL’s can I shorten if I choose the Silver or Gold plans?
A: If you choose the Silver Plan, you can shorten up to 20 URL’s. With the Gold Plan, you can shorten up to 100 URL’s.
Q: When I shorten a URL, are advertisements showing?
A: Yes. If you choose to use bronze plan random advertisements will be shown at the top of your website in a frame.
Q: What if I do not want advertisements to show?
A: We suggest using either a Silver Plan or Gold plan. With both plans, you have the option to use the top frame, which shows the advertisements, or not use the top frame.
Q: Can I choose to use the top frame or no top frame for each URL I shorten?
A: Yes. With the Silver and Gold plans, you can choose yes or no on having the top frame show, each time you shorten a URL.
Q: What benefit do I get using a top frame with a Silver or Gold plan?
A: Your referral URL is embedded in the top frame. By choosing to use the top frame you are effectively advertising your program or product while promoting your Shur Trakr affiliate link at the same time. If someone registers through your referral URL and purchases a Silver or Gold plan, you earn a commission. Effortless additional income stream.
Q: Are all my URL’s cloaked or can I set them to redirect?
A: URL’s shortened using the Bronze Plan are automatically cloaked. Using a Silver or Gold Plan allows you to choose whether your shortened URL is cloaked or set to redirect.
Q: Am I able to see where the clicks on my URL come from?
A: If you have a Silver or Gold Plan, all your URL’s receive IP and Date time detailed stats for all visits for last 7 days. Bronze Plan does not track stats.
Q: Are their website URL’s that Shur Trakr does not allowed to be shortened?
A: Yes. Websites with adult content or illegal content will not be allowed. If we see them or receive a report of our services being used to promote them, those URL’s will be deleted, and you will be subject to account termination.
Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Yes. Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!
Q: What if I have other questions I don't see answers to here?
A: Simple, please feel free to contact us by going here?